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Wacom won't work and disconnect from Mac mini (m2, Ventura) when plugged it, but works in bluetooth.



  • João

    Hi Christopher Gardiner

    It seems that there's a problem with the USB port. 

    I have opened a support ticket on your behalf so the team can assist you. 

  • Tim Johnson

    I am having the same problem, Christopher. My Intuos 4 was not syncing with Mac mini m2. Just learned in chat with Wacom support that Intuos 4 is not compatible with Ventura.


    so off to buy a newer model. 

  • Christopher Gardiner

    Weird support did not mention an issue with Ventura to me. I’ve also tried on a version of Big Sur and had the same issue so who knows. Trying to charge me $220 for a repair. At that price I can upgrade to a full huion screen

  • hanneke zig

    I have the same problem with new Macbook M3 chip and PTH 660 - Wacom Paper edition.

    • It works well if connected via bluetooth.
    • When I connect the tablet via USB C - to an USB C port of my Macbook, the message says: no Wacom connected. 

    Connection with cable works fine with other MacBook.
    What can be the solution?


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