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Wacom Intuos Pro Large Bluetooth tablet failing to charge?



  • João

    Hi Chad Briggs

    Is the LED blinking at any point? This would indicate that the battery needs charging. When the battery is charging it will remain solid orange. 

    Please make sure when you are pairing the device, that you follow the steps for your specific Operating system: 



  • Chad Briggs

    João Thanks for taking the time to respond. No, it's not blinking or doing anything when I have it plugged in to wall outlet via USB. However, I found this reddit post that answered most of my questions:

    Even in your video above, it's misleading because when you activate Bluetooth on the Intuous Pro L, two different blue tooth devices show up and it is not clear which one to choose. Also, the online documentation shows the battery charge reporting in the actual Wacom properties panel, but in reality it is only available in the system tray (at least I couldn't find anywhere else it was monitored).

    I do have a few follow up questions regarding the battery light on my specific model tablet itself.

    1. Does the light change to green once it's done charging? Or does it just shut off?
    2. Can I charge the tablet via 5v outlet while working in bluetooth/wireless mode? Or can it only charge in use while plugged into the computer?
  • João

    Hi Chad Briggs

    I haven't used the Intuos Pro in a while but I'm pretty sure the LED is always orange only and stays ON while connected via USB. 
    When connected via Bluetooth, it should turn blue to indicate that it is connected. 

    You can also charge it via 5V wall charger like any other USB device. 


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