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Wacom One 13 setup difficulties



  • Jon Lee

    After much trial and error, I believe that the cable that came with my Wacom One 13 must have a fault in the wiring.


    The cable has four parts - a powered USB-A cable which works

    A HDMI cable - which works

    A USB-C cable which sends power to the Wacom One which works

    And lastly a USB-A connection that goes to PC/laptop to relay pen movement  - this is the only part of the cable which does not seem to do anything.


    Its lack of functionality means that my drivers give errors and even though the Wacom One will show a perfect image on screen and work as a  monitor.  The utilities do not recognise that any Wacom device is connected.


    Is there a process for requesting a replacement cable - because I'm almost certain that the drivers would work, and that the Wacom One tablet hardware itself, and my three pens, would not need to be returned.


    If this process can be requested, I would sincerely ask someone to point me to where I can make such a request.


    Kind regards.

  • Jon Lee

    If I use any simple UBS-C connection wire to join the Wacom One 13 to my PC it recognises that there is a Wacom device connected.


    However, without the X-shape Wacom One cable being fully functional, there is no way to use the tablet.


    I have been sent a defective X-Shape cable, but inasmuch as I can tell the drivers work, and the tablet hardware itself and the pens probably work if I could reach the setup stage.  


    I do not know how to request a warranty replacement of the defective part: 


    The product I am entitled to is:  


    I would rather not return the entire device which probably has full functionality as a refurbished product for the same of a broken wiring in a USB-A connector.  


    Please advise what would be the best course of action on my part.

  • João

    Hi Jon Lee

    I see you already opened a support ticket. That is the right move. Someone will contact you shortly to help you. In the meantime, just confirm that the USB cable is plugged all the way in, and that you checked the Mac OS permissions as not adding these permissions can make it seem that the device is not detected in some occasions.

  • Jon Lee

    Thanks João.


    I have only been using Windows 10, and the problem persists across multiple USB ports, types 3.0 and 2.0, as well as via a USB hub.  

    I cannot work out where it is exactly, but there is a break in the USB-A cable from the X-Shape either in the wire or in the crimping on the plug itself.  But it never even makes partial contact, or I would hear a system notification in Windows.  

    Hopefully the support ticket resolves this, thanks again for your assistance.


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