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Cintiq Pro 16 (No tablet found) Mac Studio M2



  • João

    Hi Steve Barwise

    Please try the steps below and let me know if the issue persists or if you have any error messages.


  • Steve Barwise

    It's still the same! I have reinstalled many times now. It's a spinning ball on the Wacom Center often, and it cant see the Pro Pen 2 but my touch on screen toggle. Which I use a lot depending on the software I am using. Often I use the Cintiq Pro 16 in tablet mode if I am not sketching/painting. Is it the M2 chip that is having trouble with? 


  • João

    Hi Steve, 

    Sounds like you are missing some permissions in your system. 

    Please try the steps here:

  • Steve Barwise

    Thanks for the further comments...

    I'll try and break it down further:

    Setup: Cintiq is connected with 1 USB-C cable to the Mac Studio - with another USB-C cable connecting the Cintiq to the power using the cables provided.

    I uninstalled everything following the Wacom uninstall instructions.


    I download and installed the Cintiq Pro 16 Drivers (DTH-1620 version for my tablet)

    Powered off.

    Started M2 Studio until ready.

    Opened Wacom Center.

    Powered up the Cintiq.

    I checked through all the trouble shooting options for the permissions you provided - Everything looks good. They were all active and working. 

    At this point everything seems to be working well. I can calibrate the Pro pen to the Studio Display and the Cintiq. I can switch off and on the touch settings. Everything seems good. The pen is sharing both screens at this point. 

    When I hit the Tablet mode button (top right of Cintiq surface) and the Cintiq screen shuts off and it turns into a tablet. 2 things either happen - nothing works - or only touch works. Hitting the Tablet Mode button again just worsens the situation, 

    Wacom Center just has a spinning beach ball and is locked up. I cannot access the Wacom Centre or Tablet through the System Preferences as this locks up also.

    The Tablet and system is totally unusable at this point. I have to restart everything all over again after force quitting the Centre and Preferences. I essentially have a brand new redundant Mac 

  • João

    Hi Steve Barwise

    This is a known issue documented here:

    Unfortunately there is no alternative solution for the time being. 


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