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Wacom Pen only working on Laptop screen



  • João

    Hello Milo Pleschko

    Welcome to the community. 

    Can you tell us what operating system, Wacom driver version and Wacom display model you are using? 

    I would suggest that you check the video connection first and this issue is often connect to the Wacom Display not being properly recognized by the operating system and not allowing the pen mapping to work on the correct display. 

  • Milo Pleschko

    Thank you for your answer

    The operating system for my mac is Ventura 13.5.1, I'm using the Wacom cintiq 16 and I have the most recent driver for the mac installed. 

    Do you mean the HDMI port with video connection? If so, i've checked and it connects fine.

  • João

    Hi Milo Pleschko

    I assume you are using an adapter as most recent MacBook Air devices don't have native HDMI ports. 

    Could you try using a different adapter and see if the situation improves? 

    Also please run a quick test and see if that works: 

    • Open the Wacom Center
    • Open the Display settings

    If you get an error message, it means that the handshake between the computer and the display isn't working properly. 

    You can also try to use the calibration feature and select the Wacom Cintiq from the drop down list.


  • Milo Pleschko

    Thank you so much!! It worked :D


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