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Blender issue with Cintiq Pro 27



  • João

    Hi kittyn vr

    It sounds like Blender is resetting the cursor position relative to the Operating System. 

    Could you confirm what is your setup? OS version, Wacom Driver version, etc. and provide clear steps so we can try to reproduce the issue? 

  • kittyn vr

    Yeah, I'm running the latest version of Windows 11, the Wacom driver is version 6.4.3-1 and I've always kept it updated including the recent firmware update.

    My cpu is an amd 7950x3D and gpu is a Nvidia 4090.

    Since I got the display I've done a few clean OS reinstalls as well and the problem always returns.

    Before this I had a Cintiq 32 and it never had this problem, so I'm sure the problem wouldn't be hard to reproduce.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Just install any recent version of Blender and start using the pen.  Doesn't matter if it's fullscreen or not.

    Lift the pen off the viewport so it loses connection to the screen and set it back down repeatedly.

    It never takes long to happen.   So far I've gone all the way back to blender 3.3.2 and it's still happening although not as frequently as the newer versions.

    To get the mouse pointer back on the old versions you can just hold the pen within lift-distance of the screen and move your arm across the display and eventually it will pick it back up, usually after moving at least 50% the screen width.   On the newer versions of blender I find that I have to move the mouse to get the mouse pointer to come back (but this doesn't always work).

    Anyways, I'm totally stumped...I'm planning to do another source build of blender, I just haven't had the time to to set it up yet.


  • kittyn vr

    Another note is that even if blender isn't in the foreground, this will randomly happen if it's not minimized.

  • João

    Hi kittyn vr

    This appears to be some variation of a known Windows bug:

    I'll check with the team to confirm if we are able to reproduce and if it is related with the this bug or something else entirely new. 


  • João

    Hi again kittyn vr

    The team was able to reproduce and confirmed this is the same bug I shared above. 
    For the moment there is no workaround we can propose.

    This will be fixed in a future update. 


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