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wacom tablet "CTH-480" with remote module keeps disconnecting



  • João

    Hi Paolo

    This is a quite old model (over 10 years) and I would not expect the battery performance to still be at the same level as when it was brand new. 

    Regarding lag, since this is a wireless connection, it will subject to environmental interference from other devices.  

  • Paolo

    Hi João thanks for the response. I tested the wireless kit based on what you said.
    Used the same wireless kit in two different old tablets from a colleague, with different results:

    First with an Intuos S CTL-480 and had worse connections issues than the CTH-480. It turned off every 15 seconds or so. Total nightmare. Then with an Intuos Pro PTH-651 (changed the driver to the 6.4.5 version). Somehow it work wonders. had no issues with the connection or anything the whole hour I used it.

    With all this I suspect it has to do with the drivers. The 6.3.46 has not been updated since 2022. But the 6.4.5 got an update two months ago.

  • João

    Hi Paolo

    That is honestly surprising. I suppose you are correct and that the issue was not the actual kit but perhaps something with the old driver crashing or causing disruption. 

    Thanks a lot for letting us know. We will keep this in mind for future reference. 


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