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Is my tablet done?



  • João

    Hi Sergio Sanchez

    Your Intuos is basically the same as a mouse as far as Windows is concerned. I doubt the tablet would cause a BSoD. 

    I also don't see a scenario in which the Wacom Driver can cause a BSoD issue on it's own. 

    Without much deeper details, it's hard to tell but you might want to check the crash reports with Microsoft. 

  • Dyzinel Yarden

    If your tablet only started being unusable after installing the recent drivers, then all you need to do is to go back to an older driver, like I did. Although mine was for a completely different problem and not as serious as yours. By clicking here and then choosing "Older Versions", you can either download the more stable version that I use (6.4.5-5) or simply even go back to the original one you used (

  • Sergio Sanchez

    Thank you all.
    Turns out my MOBO is the one that was dying. After I posted this, I started getting errors in other applications and then finally my computer just refused to start up.
    I'll post back when my computer is back up


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