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Wacom Centre not updating driver on MacOS



  • João


    That is interesting. I have received notifications for the last update on my test Mac OS machine but I have the habit of doing manual updates to check what a new user would experience. 

    Which driver version where you using before the manual update from the website? 

    If you think this is a bug, please follow the steps here:

  • T R

    hi João - the driver version was the one before the current one released on June 6th. I didn't note down the exact version number.


    That version was also manually installed (April / May?) because the Wacpm Centre was insisting the installed version was up to date whereas the actual web page was telling me there was a new version.

  • João

    Hi again TR, 

    Thanks for your answer. I will check with the driver team what could be the cause for this. Please keep an eye out for this in the future as well if you don't mind. Perhaps this is fixed with the last version you now installed or maybe you will see this again in the future. 


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