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Issues with CTL-6100WL not picking up pen consistently



  • João

    Hi Cas Grusendorf

    Sorry to read that you are having issues with getting your Wacom Intuos to work as expected. 
    The issue you are experiencing can be caused by a few different things. 

    Could you please provide some additional details: 

    • Which operating system are you using? 
    • How is the tablet connected? Via cable or Bluetooth? 
    • If Bluetooth, does the same issue happen when connecting with the USB cable? 
    • Which application are you using to draw and does this happen only with this application, or with the system in general? 
    • Could you send us a screenshot of video of what you are experiencing? 


  • Cas Grusendorf

    - i am using Windows 11 Home with a 64-bit operating system and x64-based processor


    - the tablet is technically a bluetooth tablet, but it dies extremely quickly and struggles to hold connection so it is almost always connected with the cord when in use. 


    - i use Adobe Photoshop to draw. updating Photoshop has had no affect on the tablet. i have not used it in other drawing programs as i do not own any other programs, so i need it to work with photoshop.


    - i took a video on my phone of the issues i am having with the tablet. it can be found here:

    very occasionally it will let me taper my lines with pen pressure, but normally the lack of pen pressure leads to the brush not registering, like in the circles i was drawing at the start of the video.

  • João

    Hi Cas Grusendorf

    Thanks a lot for the details and the video. That seems like an issue with the pen itself.

    To confirm you open diagnostics and see if the pen is losing pressure as well.

    If my assumption is correct, then the pen will need to be replaced. 

    Please check with your regional support team for further advice:


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