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Intuos (2015) stops working after I Alt-Tab



  • João

    Hi Maria Baptista

    This is very interesting. I have not yet seen a driver crash caused by "Alt-tabbing".

    • Does this happen always or only when you Alt-tab to a specific app? 
    • Is there a driver error message when you open the Wacom Center? 
    • What happens when you use the Driver Check feature on the Wacom Center?

    Along with the questions above, please gather some logs and contact the support team:

  • Maria Baptista

    Hi, thanks for the fast answer.

    Apparently, I don't even need to alt-tab. After I open Clip Studio Paint and switch to anyother application, the tablet stops responding and when I try to open the Wacom Center this happens:

    It stays black until I try to close it and it stops responding. As such, there is no error message.

    If I unplug and plug it in again, the tablet works, but it has no sensitivity. Wacom Center still does not respond. If I wait a while, it comes back, eventually. Running the Driver Check points no errors.

    I tested a little more, restarted my computer and tried something different. It seems almost like a matter of waiting until it stops responding more than the application itself or the alt-tabbing. Both time the "solution" was the same: unplug, plug back in and wait.

    As you can understand, this is quite the annoying situation for me, as my college work depends on it ^^'

  • João

    Hi Maria Baptista

    Understood. Seems like something is causing the driver to crash and the driver is not able to recover properly. 

    Could you please collect the logs? That would really help understanding what could be causing the issue. 

  • Maria Baptista

    Hi, João.

    I made a ticket where I share the logs. Hope this helps.


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